Tooth-Colored Fillings in Glenview, IL

The majority of people have had a filling at some point since fillings are used in order to treat tooth decay or to restore a tooth that has been damaged.  Silver amalgam fillings are the most popular type of filling, but tooth-colored fillings are becoming more popular since they are a close match to the natural color and appearance of your teeth, allowing them to blend in seamlessly in your mouth.  Tooth-colored fillings are also used by our dentist in order to change the color, shape or size of your teeth.

Other advantages of having a tooth-colored filling are:

  • Cosmetic fillings harden within seconds
  • The bonding of cosmetic fillings to your tooth will restore between 85%-95% of your tooth’s original strength
  • There is little to no pain/sensitivity
  • They are a close match to the natural color and appearance of your tooth
  • They chemically bond to your tooth structure, so you do not need any pins, slots or grooves to be placed in your healthy teeth

There is no longer a need to be self-conscious about your smile because of an unattractive silver dental filling.  Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent alternative to restore your tooth, while still allowing your smile to be brilliant and white.